Q.1 What is ConsultWarriors?

Ans. ConsultWarriors is a -
(i) Platform for Top Students (MBA/Engineers/CA) & Professionals to work as Consultants in their specialized field on various projects.
(ii) Platform for Companies to hire Top Students (MBA/Engineers/CA) & Professionals as Consultants.

In short - save money + save time.

Q.2 Why you should choose ConsultWarriors?

Ans. Because of the Quality! Yes, we understand you have heard it many times before!!

Believe us when we say that we are not just another company who claims to offer quality over quantity.

Here's why - Our process of selecting Consultants and the Companies is very strict. We hire only the top consultants (students/professionals) from their respective fields. It means only those consultants qualify who are either students from top universities or professionals (>5 years experience) from reputed organisations. So, if you are looking to hire best talent out there for your projects or for full time role, your search ends here. Have a look into our database of top talented consultants.

On the other hand, we only onboard selected companies who we think are in align with the quality of top consultants we have to offer; it means not every company out there can post the projects. We reserve our platform for selected few. It means Consultants (students/professionals) also get the quality projects!

In a nutshell it’s win-win for both. So, if you think you are the right fit for ConsultWarriors, go ahead and apply. We welcome you!

Q.3 I am a student, what do I need to know before applying as a consultant to ConsultWarriors?

Ans. - If you are a student (MBA/Engineer/CA) from top universities worldwide who has earned enough skills and want to avail ‘Earn While Learn’ opportunity. Well, guess what?! ConsultWarriors is designed to provide you exactly that opportunity. By working on different projects matching your profile, not only you earn money but also hands on industry experience. So, if you think you are a right fit, please register here.

Q.4 I am an experienced Professional, what do I need to know before applying as a consultant to ConsultWarriors?

Ans. - If you are an Industry expert (Finance/Marketing/IT/CA/Engineer etc.) with 5-20 year work experience years in different fields who has worked with esteemed companies and looking to showcase your skills to earn additional income, ConsultWarriors is right place for you. This platform offers you to work as per your convenient time and earn extra income apart from your regular sources. So, what are you waiting for?! Please register here.

Q.5 How platform works for Consultants (Students/Professionals)?

Ans. – Just fill basic details on registration page (LinkedIn profile, area of expertise etc.) and submit the form. We will let you know ASAP whether you are accepted or not. If you are accepted,than that's it. Congratulations! You are now part of esteemed consultant group i.e., ConsultWarriors. Just search the projects and Apply. You will have dashboard to give you all the key insights about projects (current status, completion, payment etc).

Q.6 How platform works for Company?

Ans. – Please sign up on registration page (please note that there is no sign-up fee). We will let you know ASAP whether your Company profile is accepted or not. Once your company profile is accepted, Hurray,you are all set! Just fill the project details, if it matches our Consultants' skillset, we will post it on our platform and soon you will be connected to top consultants.

Q.7 How ConsultWarriors as a platform works overall?

Ans. – We connect consultants to companies and vice versa. We provide payment facilitation on our platform, that means payment routes through our system for projects. We charge platform fee. For example- if you Company’s project budget is $2000. We charge our platform fee (it varies as per requirement and availability of consultants) in that budget only and post it on our platform for rest of amount. We don't charge Consultants. As soon as you finalize consultant to proceed further, then your company and consultant can sign customised agreement related to payment and work structure.

Please note that ConsultWarriors is only a simple platform which connects Companies to consultants, thus in case of any project related conflict or disagreement, it’s between company and consultant to sort the issue out. ConsultWarriors is not responsible for any disagreement /loss of confidential information/payment/project completion etc. It all depends on mutual understanding between companies and consultants.

Though as you can see because of our rigorous selection process on both sides (Consultants as well as Companies), chances of conflict are very less as only top consultants and eminent companies can on board the platform. We expect high level of professionalism, thus after every project; company rates consultant and vice versa. Consistent 2 low ratings can lead to permanent ban from using our platform.

Apart from that, once you are onboarded it doesn’t give you right to continuously use the platform, ConsutlWarriors may remove/put consultants/company’s profile on hold due to various reason including but not limited to – 1) approaching companies directly to make payment outside the ConsultWarriors platform and vice versa for companies( to offer consultants payment outside platform). 2) Lack of professionalism 3) Conflict of Interest 4) no availability of right project etc. ConsultWarriors may reject or put your profile on hold without any prior notice.

Q. 8 - What are some basic quality checks ConsultWarriors perform?

Ans. –
For Consultants (students/professionals): LinkedIn profile apart from basic details is mandatory. We may ask for experience certificate, marksheets and personal interview.

For Companies: LinkedIn profile apart from basic details is mandatory. Some other checks including telephonic conversation and company related information may be asked.

Q.9 – I fulfil all the requirements, still my application was rejected. Why?

Ans. – Yes, there is possibility that even after fulfilling all the criteria, your profile might get rejected due to various reasons like – no matching projects, enough no. of existing consultants in your field of expertise etc. We don't provide individual feedback due to large no. of applications.

Q. 10 – Can you explain bit more about payment facility?

Ans. – We facilitate payment through PayPal. For convenience, Company and Consultant can choose what we called 'Partial Payment Facility'. In this, both parties sign an agreement where after 25% of project completion, 1/4th of total project cost will be released to Consultant. In short, there will be 4 Partial Payment which will be released in timely manner after successful achievement of each milestone.